You can Choose your Fate but not your Destiny

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You can Choose your Fate but not your Destiny

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

God has appointed a destiny for you. He created you for that purpose. You were designed for it. Your life experiences and all the things that influence you are moving you in a certain direction that you are meant to go. Life would be meaningless without things working that way. It is true that the meaning of life is the meaning we give to it. But it is also true that the meaning of life is inherent in the existence of the universe and our destiny which God created it with. It is all a matter of aligning our thoughts with the thoughts of God in order to experience the perfect meaning of everything.

Some say we have power to create our own reality, that through belief and intent we can and should specify our personal future. And yet experience shows reality is already predicated upon a design more elegant than anything we can specify through our temporal desires. Cosmic ordering doesn’t always work because what you believe or hope for doesn’t always happen and you do not always get what you expect to get.

Others therefore say we should go with the flow and accept what comes. And yet experience shows that while some things are destined, more mundane things are left to choice. Abandoning the responsibility to choose invites the influence of other powers to decide over your life with often unpleasant consequences. Some part of the future is alterable and another is not.

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