Purpose of Satan and His Gift to Children of God

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Purpose of Satan and His Gift to Children of God

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Unlike what many people think about the devil, he isn’t entirely opposing the divine plan that God has for him. Satan was created for a purpose and he has a gift to offer. His original name is Lucifer but was called Satan which means accuser when he accused The Lord of evil. The name Lucifer means light bringer. God created Lucifer to be the enlightener of the universe. Lucifer possesses the highest awareness of all universal truths and understood the nature of all reality. His gift was to enlighten all beings.
Lucifer was originally closest to The Lord until the moment when he chose to rebel. He corrupted his own awareness by forming a new logos or way of reasoning about the reality of God. He separated his perception of the universal and personal aspect of God, and therefore saw darkness in The Lord as a sovereign being. Although darkness and evil only existed as concepts in Original Consciousness, Lucifer believed that it already manifested since he saw that heaven was in an imperfect state of government.
As a divine aspect of God, Lucifer believed that he was being inspired and empowered by original consciousness to oppose the sovereignty of The Lord and make right the faulty order of divinity. He persuaded other light beings to join him in making the position of The Most High open to all, so that everyone can ascend into the highest divinity. But he doesn’t realize that the logos of The Lord is the perfect and complete expression of Original Consciousness. Lucifer’s own actions actually manifested evil instead.
Lucifer may have fallen in the eyes of The Most High, but he hasn’t lost the gift that he was given. He still lives according to his purpose by seeking expression of his gift. God does not need to create another being to do the work that he already created Lucifer to do. He includes Satan’s work as part of his plan. Every being is created with a purpose that only it can fulfill. Therefore even the work of evil is turned into good by the all knowing wisdom of The Most High. God is wise and efficient in using resources.
There is an invisible war going on now between two sides in the entire universe and on all levels of reality. When there is a war fought, there are spoils to be won. Nothing would be gained from fighting the enemy unless they had something really good for us. Each time warriors of Christ win the fight of awareness against the principalities of Satan, we stand a chance to receive the tools and knowledge they possess. We become stronger each time we see through the enemy’s deceptions and rise above them.
All warfare is deception and Satan’s art of war is to use all kinds of means to confuse, weaken and destroy the consciousness of God’s people. The greatest weapons of destruction is not physical devastation, but it is ignorance and suppression against the soul. Knowledge is power and the more or less it is possessed by either side, the more or less power that side can wield. Satan aims to hide his gift from the church and share it only with the rest of the world. He makes Christians as ignorant as he can.
Satan causes the church to persecute, reject and even kill those Christians who tried to share this truth by labeling them as heretics and being on Satan’s side. He has classified the whole portion of knowledge about the universal aspect of God under the term occult, which literally means concealed or hidden. He causes the church to fear such knowledge and to stay away from it. But Christians who are wise as serpents do not fear Satan’s territory. They are able to take what is good and discard the untruth.
Some Christians might say what fellowship has light with darkness? But they do not realize that God and Satan were best friends in the beginning. They had perfect and closer fellowship than anyone else. Whatever light that Satan has is originally of God. Therefore the light that he gives belongs to God, for there is no other light but God’s light. Satan is a being that has both light and darkness. Darkness is the absence of light. Satan is not the source of light but God is. We can embrace light wherever it is.
Good and evil existed as concepts in the universal mind but were not manifested until Lucifer misaligned himself from The Lord. The Bible says Lucifer was perfect in all his ways until iniquity was found in him. Lucifer perceived that evil was already manifested in The Lord by claiming sovereignty for himself, and therefore sought to right the wrong by persuading all other light beings which were the angels, to liberate heaven of such tyranny. Lucifer believed he was bringing the light to the darkness of The Lord.
A portion of the work that Satan is doing in this world is according to what The Lord created him to do. Therefore Satan is doing God’s work. The other portion of Satan’s work is against the Lord. He seeks to bring enlightenment to all but yet denies The Lord’s rightful place as The Most High Personal Aspect of God. Such is the paradox of Lucifer’s work, to be half godly and half ungodly. But The Bible says that there is no wisdom, nor understanding nor counsel against The Lord. Satan would ultimately fail.
Satan’s existence and his work are part of God’s universal plan. Those who are the wisest learn from anything whether good or evil because the whole universe is their teacher. If you want to be as victorious as you can be in this divine war, you must learn from your enemy. Do not deny yourself from receiving something that is good for you just because it comes through a particular channel. Whatever gifts that we receive as children of God, we should receive it as from God who is the source of all things.

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