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Create Wealth in Sleep with Subconscious Mind

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The condition at waking is a reflection of the thought pattern established in the subconscious mind the night before. If you go to bed thinking about how bad things are and wondering how you are able to go through the next day or week, you will awaken the next day with an unhappy and dreadful state of mind. But if you go to bed thinking of what you are grateful for and looking forward to the possibilities you can achieve tomorrow, you will awaken with energy and focus for the day.
The subconscious mind does its best work while the conscious mind is in a state of suspension or inactive, or while you sleep. The way to trigger success consciousness is when you are sleeping. Send a message to your subconscious mind when you go to sleep and the message will sink in. It will override previous undesirable messages. You can do this at other times too but the best time is when you are asleep. It is a time when your conscious mind cannot interfere.
You normally try to get things done but you find yourself putting them off because you are not inspired to do them. When you have a task to perform, simply give your subconscious mind a picture of the completed job. Feel all the pleasure you are going to feel when you see the job accomplished. Then when you actually go about doing it, you will find that whatever is stopping you will disappear or becomes easy to overcome. You are able to feel the feeling of satisfaction all over again when it is completed. This is the key secret of getting rich. You are able to be very productive with this way of doing things.

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