Controlling Reality at Higher Levels Comes First

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Controlling Reality at Higher Levels Comes First

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are different levels of control over reality. If you do not secure control at the higher levels first, then all other levels of control over reality would be in vain. Higher levels of reality control are more subtle but they affect all of reality in a more encompassing way. That is why all it takes is awareness of how the higher levels work in order to see it happening in every way all around you. Higher levels of reality control are also more critical, which is why more of the focus is on higher levels in spiritual teachings.

There are different levels of participation in co-creating reality between people. On a higher level, people interact in the collective unconscious realm with the intents of their inner being as well as their conscious minds. On the next level down, they interact with their energy signals and projections in their environment. Then further down, they interact with physical signs and communication. At the lowest level is actual physical contact involved. People can decided what degree of participation they wish to have.

Psychic power is the ability to interact with the environment directly with your mind. There are three kinds of psychic ability which are “mind-to-mind” influence (such as telepathy), “mind-to-environment” influence (such as psychokinesis) and “environment-to-mind” (such as clairvoyance). The fourth kind of psychic ability is “mind-to-reality”. Reality creation is the highest of the psychic powers. If you can create reality itself, you don’t even need to concern yourself with predicting it or controlling things within it.

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