Hold your Consciousness on God to Be Invincible

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Hold your Consciousness on God to Be Invincible

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Hold your consciousness on God no matter what happens around you. Never take your consciousness away from God. That is the prime directive of spiritual power. Whenever you experience suffering, it is because you have violated the prime directive. Whenever you take your eyes off Christ and start looking at the storms around you, that’s when you start sinking. As long as you keep your eyes on Christ, you can walk above the stormy seas.
In applying the law of attraction, you are supposed to focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. But there is a higher way that than. Focus on God the Source of all things. You may find it hard to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. But you can always focus on God no matter what happens. When you focus on what you want, you may focus on a lesser good instead of a greater good that you are unaware off. But when you focus on God, you will get your greatest good.
All the failures and negative experiences that you go through are to remind you that you are to hold your consciousness on God. In the state of powerlessness is when you know the need for God’s grace. In your weakness is God’s strength made perfect in you. When your confidence turns from yourself to God once again, you are able to move from a position of powerlessness to a position of power.
Surrendering begins with the intent to surrender. When we want to listen to God’s voice, we simply need to have the intention to do so. Have the intent to do what God wants and to act according to his will. Then you are able to know what God wants by what feels right. Your sense of God’s subtle intuitive leading becomes sharper when you have the intention to do what God wants, and then be open to guidance through intuitive feelings.
Know that God is taking care of you and everything, and he is making all things work together for your good. Focus on his presence and know that he is always with you wherever you go. Be in a state of surrender and seeking to do the will of God. You will have perfect peace and strength of consciousness. Know that God is central to all that you do. Everything you do is worth it, but it is he who holds it all together. Without God, everything collapses. That’s what happens when you become less focused on God in the picture. God always has to be your main focus.
Sometimes you doubt the goodness of God because you start to question the way he thinks. Have the divine consciousness where you are always asking yourself how does God think. If God does not think in a certain way, then you do not think that way. The way that God thinks is the way that you would choose to think. Divine consciousness is what enables you to keep your thinking straight and upon what is true.
The situations of life are always fluctuating from good to bad and bad to good. You have to transcend the swing of the pendulum by polarizing yourself above it. Focus on God who is unchanging, constant and perfect. On Christ the solid rock you stand, all other ground is sinking sand. When your foundation is on the rock, nothing moves you no matter how much everything is shifting around you.
When God directs and do things through you, it feels as though you are the director and the doer. Sometimes we forget that it is God that is the director and the doer and think it is us. We do not exist, Christ exist in the space that we are in. We are just an open channel for God to work in. We are here to serve. We are here to be messengers or angelos. We are pure consciousness that can be shaped by the God consciousness in anyway he wants.
When you find yourself emotionally engaged in something to the point of turmoil, you should call a stop to everything that is happening. Pause the game so that you can talk to the source. Get into the meditative state and step out of your body. You are momentarily stepping out of this level of reality and ascending to the spiritual dimension. In that level you can perceive what is happening and receive insight from God about what is going on. Then after that you can return back into normal reality and act with the insight that you have received. It is a moment of stopping time or stopping the world in order to connect with higher consciousness.
To have complete invincibility of consciousness is the ultimate aim of spiritual evolution. It is a place where nothing affects you anymore and no matter what comes your way, it doesn’t move you from your center. It is to have complete unflappability in the face of what’s arising. The only way to be invincible in consciousness is to be God or Christ conscious at all times. When your consciousness of God takes first place above all else, you will be untouchable and indifferent to fluctuations of events around you. In that state of consciousness, you will have perfect peace. Remember, don’t look at what is happening, look back to God.

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