Release Resistance to Allow Intent to Manifest

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Release Resistance to Allow Intent to Manifest

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are no problems, only resistance. You can have anything you want. Problems are when you do not have what you want, and the reason is because resistance is in the way of having what you want. Problems in health and wealth are resistance. What causes most of the physical discomfort and pain is excessive accumulation or congestion of magnetic currents in certain parts of the body. This is resistance. The congestion can be relieved through the release of the energy from the congested spot.

Let go of the feeling of tightness. The feeling of relief is the release. The release of power during ritual magick is also the release of resistance for universal life force to flow and work freely. Sometimes your intention doesn’t manifest because you are resisting it. Notice that at times when your intention has failed, you gave up trying to make it happen, and released some resistance within you, and intended again without resistance, and this time the intention manifested successfully. Intend in this way all times.

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