Taking No Credit for Helping Others Naturally

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Taking No Credit for Helping Others Naturally

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

A master takes no credit. If people’s lives are changed, it is they that did it. He knows that he does nothing. Everything that a master does comes from a place of being. His actions are a natural expression of who he is. His work is inspired and divine. Other people who come into contact with him are affected ultimately in a positive way. It takes two hands to clap. A master does what he wishes to do and the result of benefiting others is based on their response to his actions. He credits them for changing.

A master may not take credit but he allows credit to be given. He allows himself to use credit given for social proof to influence others according to his purpose. He knows that those that need to help themselves tend to externalize the help from other sources. Therefore they need to believe that he can help them by the claims others make about how their lives have been changed by him. He knows that if others believe they could help themselves, they would seek to learn from him without externalizing power.

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