The Measure of Faith is the Measure of Success

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The Measure of Faith is the Measure of Success

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Courage is the leader in the mental realm, and when it is down all the other faculties go down as well. Until courage says the word, neither initiative nor any of the other faculties will take a step forward. They refuse to work under discouragement. But when courage leads the way, all the others are activated and come together in team work. Courage is also known as faith and confidence. That is why the first mental principle to work on is faith and confidence. When you have that, you’ve everything else.

What most people in great failure need is to have their courage restored, renewed. The discouraged have their backs turned toward the light, so that all the black shadows fall across their path. They are walking in their own shadows instead of in the glorious sun of God’s light and love. They need mental treatment, treatment that will let the light into their souls and show them what they still can do. The first step to rise into is courage and then the rest of the other powers will be returned and ready for utilizing.

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