Seven Levels of Intelligence and Three Types of Genius

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Seven Levels of Intelligence and Three Types of Genius

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The seventh level of intelligence is the highest level which is the level of Infinite Intelligence. It is the level of God or All-That-Is. It is being all knowing. Infinite Intelligence is the highest, it is the all, and at the same time it is you and I. It occupies all levels. From that level, there is no comparison with higher or lower because All-Is-One. Humans and all other conscious beings can evolve more and more towards becoming All Knowing or Infinite Intelligence. It is to return to oneness, to God.

The first level of intelligence is the level of being smart. People who are smart are those that know certain things that enable them to use their energy effectively to accomplish certain things that they want or are beneficial to them. The first criteria of knowing whether you are smart or not is that: if you have to ask the question, chances are you aren’t. Smart people know and acknowledge that they are smart. Being at this level is already above the vast majority of the common people.

The second level of intelligence is the level of being intelligent. There is a difference between being smart and being intelligent. Being smart means you just know certain things to act successfully. Being intelligent means you actually seek to understand what you know and the way things work. The thinking pattern is at a different level. An intelligent person questions, inquires and enquires. There is a quality of “brightness” and “sharpness” to their mind or thinking.

The third level of intelligence is the level of being super smart. When a person is super smart, they are much more powerful than everyone else who is smart or intelligent. Super smart people obtain peak positions in this world in terms of power, success and wealth. They are the leaders in different fields, or captains of industry. Being super smart is a higher level than being intelligent because intelligence is all about getting results no matter what level it is at, and a super smart person can achieve much more results than all other smart and intelligent people can.

The fourth level of intelligence is the level of being super intelligent. The level of super intelligence is the most powerful level in this dimension of reality called the physical world. One is an Apex Being at this level. Being super intelligent means one’s thinking capability and ability to understand is so high that it supersedes all other levels of intelligence below it. A super smart person is still susceptible to falling into certain traps of falsehood or mind manipulation by masters in this world, but a super intelligent person is more able to withstand this manipulation and rise above it. In other words, their bullshit detector is many times more attuned than a super smart person.

The fifth level of intelligence is the level of being a genius. A genius is someone who is able to think at such a high order that he/she comes up with a unique and original idea that elevates the thinking of humanity to the next level. They are able to come up with insights or eureka moments that have a universal effect. Such people are our greatest inventors, artists, musicians, scientists and philosophers. They inspire others and transform the thinking or paradigm of the worldview in profound ways. No matter which level of intelligence a person predominantly is, everyone has access to the genius level in different degrees.

The sixth level of intelligence is the highest discussable level of intelligence. That is because in the seventh level or infinite intelligence, all are equal and therefore there is nothing to discuss in terms of differences in intelligence within that level and in comparison with any other level. The sixth level of intelligence is the level of being a SUPER GENIUS. It is far higher than the genius level because super genius contains transcendental genius. Genius may understand the highest levels of physics in this realm, but Super Genius understands higher dimension physics and philosophy. A super genius thoughts are transcendent and higher than that of a genius. Within the super genius level, there are many levels ranging from the superhuman, the demi god, the devas, the godlike, the angelic hierarchy from the angel to the principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones and all the way up to the highest levels of the cherub, the seraph and even the seven archangels that stand before that throne of God including Metatron who is the knower of the secrets and the master of the mysteries.

There is another way to define the seven levels of intelligence, which will make even the Seventh Level a discussable level. This means that there are even certain beings that can be classified  as Level 7:

Functional Intelligence                        Chakra intelligence

1. Tactical Intelligence                          Survival Intelligence
2. Conceptual Intelligence                   Creative Intelligence
3. Elite Intelligence                                Power Intelligence
4. Discriminative Intelligence              Will Intelligence
5. Genius Intelligence                           Expressive Intelligence
6. Conscious Intelligence                    Cosmic Intelligence
7. Divine Intelligence                            Source Intelligence

Intelligence always depicts that which is pleasing and desirable. If something doesn’t depict that, then it is also lacking in intelligence. This is why there is intelligence in beauty and that which is lacking beauty is lacking intelligence. The beautiful things that make us feel the highest level of pure positive emotion are expressed by the highest level of intelligence or level 7. Level 7 is also where there is very little resistance and very little struggle. There is almost an effortlessness. It exists in a state of grace. Things just seem to happen for it. There is maximum alignment.

Nature, animals, plants and children are level 7. Cats and dogs are usually of higher vibration than humans, which is why we feel happy when they are around. All things in their most natural and divine state are level 7.

Level 7 is the vortex. It is a place of pure positive energy that is most connected with Source. When you experience a level 7 person, you experience the highest feelings of exhilaration and magic!

Level 7 has the appearance and energy of beauty, harmony and youth. Level 7 also has the quality of perfection. It doesn’t have to be perfect in every single way, although it could be perfect in many ways, but there is a feeling and a sense of perfection that comes with it. Since intelligence is the main factor, the actions of a level 7 would lead to very beneficial results for itself or end in ultimately favorable outcomes.

There are also different levels within each level. Such as there are those within level 3 who have higher level elite intelligence than other elites. Also, one may have the range of another level but that doesn’t make them at that level. One’s mentality has to be predominantly at that level in order to be considered that level. Some people have multiple levels while being predominantly at a single level.

One definition of intelligence: “Intelligence is the ability to make finer distinctions.”

The seven levels of intelligence also correspond to the seven chakras. The fifth chakra is the speech center. Genius intelligence seeks expression by communicating their ideas through words or through other forms of expression. The fourth chakra is the heart which is the center of pure power. It emits the strongest magnetic field and produces the torsion field of manifestation. The heart also depicts clear seeing and being real. The third chakra is the solar plexus which is the center of self esteem. It is also the power center. The second chakra is the chakra of sexual energy and creativity. Those at level 2 are able to think more and understand more deeply about things.

The base chakra is the root and the foundational level of intelligence. At level 1, people are able to get their needs met at a basic level. Those having trouble at level 1 can’t even do this. The sixth chakra is the psychic center and the center of higher consciousness. It is the center of the third eye which can perceive higher dimensional things and concepts. It is psychically aware and can make the subconscious conscious. The seventh chakra is the link to the divine and the connection with Source. Inspiration flows from the seventh chakra and those at level 7 are the highest manifestation of divinity and the purest expression of Source Energy among humans in this world.

Everything is the consciousness of God in different degrees of pureness. Level 7 is pure positive energy and pure positive thought with a childlike quality and innocence. Level 6 is most powerful, while Level 7 is most pure.

One can also choose not to differentiate into seven levels of intelligence, but just treat all of it as intelligence instead. God wants us to be wise as serpents and enlightened as the Holy Spirit. One who is completely intelligent would be intelligent in every way that pertains to intelligence. They would be spiritually wise, financially wise, physically wise, and logically wise. They would not be lacking in any aspect of intelligence that many do in various spiritual groups. Such a person is noble but also sharp. They always look to everything that pertains to intelligence and intelligent functioning without missing out anything or be taken in by half truths and warped knowledge that deceptive men and spirits offer.

Other than the seven levels of intelligence, there are also 3 types of genius that pertain to ULTIMATE GENIUS. They are Super Genius, True Genius and Complete Genius. A super genius tends to incorporate true genius and complete genius although not always the case since there are opposing and fallen beings operating within the super genius level of intelligence such as fallen gods and archangels.

A true genius is one who not only has a high level of intelligence, but also lives his/her life in a way that is wise and doing well overall for themselves. A genius is not a true genius when they seem to have amazing ideas that can inspire others, but their own state of life or being is sorely lacking in terms of intelligent or successful living.

A complete genius is one who attains all seven levels of intelligence as completely as possible. This is something that even those at super genius level of intelligence are pursuing more and more of. Sometimes one must go lower in order to go higher. In actuality there is no lower or higher but only all intelligence. One must have full range, full depth, full degree, and full detail in all levels of intelligence in order to be super, complete and ultimate genius. In other words, it is the path to becoming all knowing, all powerful or infinite intelligence.

There is actually another level of intelligence that is even higher than the structure of the seven levels. This level can be said to be level 8, but it is actually a multiplied version of level 4 intelligence. Level 4 is Discriminative Intelligence and the Will. Level 8 is the Summation of All Levels below it PLUS the ability to free oneself from all forms of Mind Control in the physical and spiritual domain. This is the Occult (Hidden) Level of Intelligence where one knows the secret ways by which the Dark Forces work and the Real Solutions to counter them.

To God, all levels of intelligence are level 1. There is not really a hierarchy of intelligence but it is a Uni-level Intelligence with different aspects to it.

Intelligence is the highest factor above all other factors and is the only important or most important one of all. Your intelligence is the only thing that defines who you are. It is the factor by which all other things about you and your life stem from. Your intelligence determines how you think, what you do and all that you create, experience and have. Your level of intelligence is determined by your will and your way of thinking or using the mind. There are NO LIMITS to how far or how high you can go. In actuality, all of us are manifested with the potential of infinite intelligence. Infinite intelligence is who we are fundamentally and what we can experience to the degree that we choose and think.

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