Surrender to Drop Resistance for Manifestation

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Surrender to Drop Resistance for Manifestation

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

It is not the ego but the higher self that manifests. The conscious mind only directs but the subconscious mind creates. It is not your responsibility to bring your intention into manifestation, it is God’s responsibility. Stop trying to control. Let it all go. When you realize that it is not your responsibility to bring your intention into manifestation, it gives you a great sense of freedom. Your only responsibility is to intend, to command creation. Gods says we should command him concerning the works of his hands.

Surrendering is about dropping all resistance. You drop all cares, worries, doubts, fears and expectations. The first indication that your resistances are being released and the flow is being unblocked is that you feel some relief. That is why in the process of manifesting, you should not put too much conscious attention on your goals all the time. This would create a certain amount of stress and attachment. You should detach and put it out of conscious mind. This brings a feeling of relief which is the release.

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