Truth about Forgiveness and How it Truly Works

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Truth about Forgiveness and How it Truly Works

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Have you ever felt that you can never forgive someone for what they did to you? Many people find it hard, if not impossible to forgive because they misunderstand what true forgiveness is about. Forgiveness is first for you, the forgiver. It is to release you from something that will eat you alive; that will destroy your joy and your ability to love fully and openly. When you do not forgive, you hold yourself to something that keeps you from having an open heart. Forgiveness is to let go of that which holds you back.

You might wonder if you forgive a person who hurt one of your children, do you let him play with your other children? If someone misconduct affairs in your business, do you let that person continue handling important documents? If someone did not return money owed, do you continue to lend again? This is all misunderstanding of what forgiveness means. Forgiveness does not create a relationship. Relationships are based on mutual benefit. What forgiveness does is to release the hold of energy on you.

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