Knowing what to do - Following the Spirit

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Knowing what to do - Following the Spirit

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The spirit knows the balance of rest and work that it needs. When you have worked too much, your spirit feels like not working anymore. It simply means you need to take more frequent rests. When you have rested too much, your spirit feels like doing things and involving in activity.

The internal motivation system for rest and work follows the principle of rhythm. The measure of the swing to the left is the measure of the swing to right. There is a rhythm of rest and work.  When you have worked for a certain amount, you will be compelled to rest a certain amount. When you have rested for a certain amount, you will be compelled to work for a certain amount.

There is a force that you find very difficult to resist. It is spiritual force that follows the universal laws of nature. The best way to live your life is to just go with the flow.

In everything we do, we need energy and energy comes from our spiritual being in connection with the energy of The Source. We are designed to function in harmony with the pattern of the universal mind. The universal mind always follows balance because it is balanced. Balance is symmetry and symmetry is perfection. The pattern of the universal mind is the flow of the spirit. The principle of rhythm is the principle of balance.

People that take frequent rests are often the ones who are most productive at work. Everything has its ebb and flow. The waves of the ocean crashes onto shore and recedes back in a continuous fashion. There is a rhythm of effort and rest. There are moments to apply effort and moments to rest. When you apply, apply fully. When you rest, rest fully.

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