Have a Strong Reality to be Unaffected by Others

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Have a Strong Reality to be Unaffected by Others

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You have the power to view the world the way you want to. You can have your own reality, your own frame on things. The first step to controlling your reality is to control your perceptions. Other people may have perceptions that are different and may try to influence yours. If you want to be a master of creating your reality, you must learn to hold strong in your own perceptions, your own view of things. Let others think what they think, but what’s most important is what you think and how you want to see things.

Strength of reality begins with strength of mind. If your thoughts and ideas about things are weak, the integrity of your reality will always be shifting. You must hold your world together by holding your thoughts together. In one moment, decide for yourself what things are true and clear every other opinion by other people out of your mind. Live according to your established mindset for a certain length of time without changing your mind. After that you may change your thoughts if you’re sure they are wrong.

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