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Shift Perception to Increase Choice and Power

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Consciousness seems to you to be a very ‘tricky business’ – elusive; an element to be pondered, but never quite to be understood. But it is not quite so difficult to be understanding of consciousness and its action if you are only viewing, if you are shifting your focus. Shifting perception is much easier than you create it to be! Shifting perception does not necessarily mean that you turn completely around and be facing in another direction! The shift can be slight. Think only of using your peripheral vision.

Take the example of an archer and his target. If the archer is focusing upon the target, the arrow will fly straight. If the archer is expressing to himself a noticing ‘off’ the direction and the target, the arrow will ‘most probably’ not engage the target efficiently. If he is viewing the wind velocity, the temperature, the angle of his bow, his footing, his balance, he is not concentrating upon the mark. Therefore, the arrow is not directed. He may stand in one position, and due to perception, the arrow may fly differently.

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