Using Magick in Your Life to Bend Probabilities

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Using Magick in Your Life to Bend Probabilities

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Magick is defined as creating change in your reality with the power of your will. You intend something to happen, and it occurs. The practitioner’s ability to sense and manipulate energy and his or her connection to the divine are the greatest tools of all. Everything you do is magic. Your every thought, word and deed is magical in making your reality. Magicians are simply people who are conscious of their creations. Your best creations happen when they are in accordance with your higher self or the divine.

Spells involve will, intent, a light meditative state, and quick visualization. Manifestation comes from deeper regions of consciousness and a light meditative state allows you to access those regions. A quick visualization also enables you to move quickly into the alternate realm of possibility and create your reality there, and to leave before you interfere with it. This is the process of intending and then letting go. Believe in the possibility of what you intend to do, hold it strongly in your mind, and it will happen.

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