Increase Positive Energy for Easier Manifesting

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Increase Positive Energy for Easier Manifesting

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The amount of energy you focus on your chosen goals makes a difference in how quickly and easily you achieve them. It is easier to achieve a goal when your energy is strong and focused. Feeling happy, excited, joyful, proud and enthusiastic sets up a positive energy field, which brings you more of the same feelings. Positive feelings increase your stamina, and result in a feeling of wellbeing. To make your manifesting as easy as possible, you’d want to increase the amount of positive energy you have.

You can increase positive energy by avoiding negative energy. Just as it is harder to push a car when you have only one or two people pushing it, it is harder to achieve a goal when your energy is weak and scattered. Feeling fearful, angry, resentful, sad, or depressed sets up a negative energy field which brings you more of the same feelings. Negativity depletes your energy level leaving you with very little to go on. It’s just like leaving your car lights on overnight cause your car battery to drain to empty.

Therefore, it is important to do whatever you can to decrease the number of negative experiences in your life. Ask yourself does anyone put you down? Does anyone cut off your joy by changing the subject when you’re excited about something? Do any of your friends or business associates not follow through on agreements with you? Are you angry with anyone? For each question ask yourself if so, who and about what? Eliminating these negative factors increase your stamina and physical energy for work.

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