Divine Intervention helps When you Can do Nothing

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Divine Intervention helps When you Can do Nothing

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

It is only a half truth that God helps those who help themselves. It is the universal aspect of God that operates through the act of conscious intention. But in areas where you lack awareness, God can personally act to move you in certain directions that you never would have done so because you do not have the consciousness to choose it. God can help you when you can’t seem to help yourself.
Prayer in the form of expressing your request for help from God produces a different effect from prayer in the form of pure intention. When you make a request to God, you are literally evoking the freewill action of a being other than yourself. You give that being permission to intervene in your reality according to its will and wisdom. You can get results that you could never have obtained with your own reality creation techniques alone. This is Divine Intervention, the highest power in the universe.
Most people have no idea how much they are missing out when they rely only on the universal aspect of God and not the personal aspect of God. They go about creating their reality purely through intention and manifestation, but they do not realize how much more they could have gotten by requesting for divine intervention.
A person can only intend according to the level of awareness he has. Awareness depends on evolution of consciousness. The more evolved a person’s consciousness is, the more awareness he has and the more he is able to create the reality he desires through conscious intention.
God has the highest amount of awareness and is therefore able to create reality perfectly and more powerfully than anyone else. When you turn to him to help you in creating the reality you desire, he can do above all you could ever ask or think of.
For those who are in Christ, there is a covenant of blessing that the blood of the Lamb has established. In that covenant, we have protection, providence, preservation, empowerment and restoration from God. We are able to access the blessings of that covenant according to the level of awareness and conscious intention we have. But there is a baseline where even if we are lacking awareness, we would only lose those things to a certain degree and not below it.
When Job in the Bible had fear of receiving evil because of the sins that he imagine his own sons had committed, it gave Satan the right to ask God for permission to bring evil into Job’s life. That is because Job placed himself in vibrational harmony for negative things according to the law of attraction. But God said that Satan was allowed to do anything he wants except to end Job’s life. The is the personal aspect of God governing how the universal aspect is used.
God will never let us be taken from the world until our purpose he has appointed for us is fulfilled to a certain extent. Even after our purpose is fulfilled, we can choose to remain on this Earth until we have lived a long life if we wish to.
Nothing ever happens in our lives unless God allows it to. God usually allows something to happen when we allow it to. What is bound in heaven is bound on earth, and what is loosed in heaven is loosed on earth. What you allow, God allows. But there are times when even though you allow something to allow, God doesn’t allow it. This is Divine Intervention taking place for certain reasons that God has.
Remember that your higher self is the part that is one with the universal aspect of God. So everything that God chooses, your higher self chooses. You can say that you create your whole reality completely when you take into account the actions of your higher self. For those who are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, your higher self is reconciled with the personal aspect of God. Therefore you are more open for divine intervention in areas of providence, protection, preservation and healing.
The very fact that while we were yet sinners, God sent his Son to die for us, is divine intervention at the highest form. Our destiny was to end up in the lake of fire with the fallen angels who sinned against God. But Jesus Christ came to take our punishment so that if we accept his gift of redemption by believing in him, we would have eternal life. For those who do not believe, the Holy Spirit is convicting them about the sin of unbelief. Divine intervention happens all the time to bring us to the personal aspect of God.

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