All Deaths are Self Chosen and Not Accidental

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All Deaths are Self Chosen and Not Accidental

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

When people view their life or focus in this dimension as not fulfilling their highest value fulfillment, they choose to disengage their focus. Even within these decisions and choices, the value fulfillment is accomplished within consciousness for all involved. Therefore, the discontinuation of one focus or death based on non-accomplishment of value fulfillment of that one individual shall also simultaneously be fulfilling the value fulfillment within consciousness of all those people who are involved with that individual.

In reality, murder victims, murderers, accident victims, or any individual within any situation or circumstance, if you are truly viewing all of the information available to you, you shall see that you do indicate these probabilities. Just as you may, within quite objective obvious circumstances, view a pattern within yourself leading to a certain accomplishment, you also may view objectively, if you are noticing, indications that show the direction you have chosen as well as the probabilities that you have created.

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