Using Lifestyle Visualization for Abundance

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Using Lifestyle Visualization for Abundance

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Wealth is abundance expressed. Abundance means plenty of everything. Money is only a small aspect of wealth. Many people fail to get wealthy because they intend wealth only in terms of money. Life is images of the mind expressed. If you intend to have lots of money but do not have images of a wealthy life to go along with it, then life has very little material to work with. You have to understand that it’s not ultimately money that you really want but the lifestyle you think money can let you experience.

You automatically get exactly the amount of money needed to realize your most specific and definite images of your mind. Realize that life knows many other ways to get a thing other than using money to purchase it. The greater and more abundant the images of your mind are, the more life will attract unto you the resources necessary to realize it. Everything in the universe works by purpose. Having a strong purpose of creating wealth by your big vision and dreams is what moves events and people for you.

Let’s say a person wished to have a billion dollars and that’s all they thought about. Then another person also has a strong desire to become a billionaire, but also thinks of the kind of clothes to wear, the stylish decoration in their office, the expensive meals to eat, the ability to give abundantly to charity and lots of other things related to wealth, this second person is more likely to become wealthier in an easier and coincidental way. One only has money in mind, while the other intends a life of abundance.

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