Mind-Body Healing cures Root of Illness

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Mind-Body Healing cures Root of Illness

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Every physical illness is the result of psychological causes whether directly or indirectly.

When there is mental unrest, it affects the body as well. A physical symptom is a signal which your body is communicating to you to tell you that something is wrong and has to be dealt with. It is bringing to your attention a problem in your emotions, thinking or environment that is non-beneficial or harmful to you, so you can face it and resolve it.

Illness themselves are often the result of ignoring the signals that our bodies send us. As a result, the signals tend to get louder and louder, and the condition worsens. Until you have no choice but to make a mental and emotional change in order to resolve the problem. But some people foolishly continue in the wrong mental or physical act they are doing, that they never learn from their mistake even unto death.

Ignoring what your body is telling you or overlooking the fact that what it is communicating to you is deeper than something biological, is a serious mistake that leads to things going on a downward spiral from there.

The point here is not to get you to focus on what’s wrong with you, but to have an awareness of what your body’s messages are. Your body’s messages are never wrong, but they are always right as they are always seeking to point you in the right direction. Believe that you are healthy and that you have nothing wrong with you. Any symptom is just a signal from your body seeking to inform you of something you need to be aware of.

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