Dealing with Psychic Vampires and Big Auras

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Dealing with Psychic Vampires and Big Auras

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The two main opposite kinds of psychic presence are psychic vampires and big auras. Psychic vampires suck energy from others while big auras push their energies upon others and sort of take up too much space energetically. You have to be aware about these two kinds of people and learn how to deal with them effectively for your own psychic survival. Some people do not know how to respect the space or energy of others. They either take what does not belong to them, or they behave rather invasively.

Whereas some people behave in an energetically respectful way whether they are being aware of it or not. Their psychic presence is neither too draining nor too invasive. They instinctively keep their auras at a respectable distance around themselves and keep their energy to themselves. They are usually comfortable for others to be around. People are subtly affecting us all the time at an energetic level as we are affecting them as well. Being conscious of social dynamics at the energetic level empowers you.

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