Integrative Mindset - Having Complete Perception

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Integrative Mindset - Having Complete Perception

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Everything follows order. There is a hierarchy to everything. The hierarchy changes from one perspective to another.

Something that exists on one level is reflected on every other level. When you change something on one level, you change it on every other level. The rules of the higher level are above the rules of the lower level.

The highest level of reality is the mental level. The mental and spiritual level are one and the same. The mental level defines every level.

Seeing from the highest level is all you need because the mental level governs all other levels. The ultimate nature of reality is mental.

See both sides of an argument and understand how each relates and integrates with the other. See things from multiple dimensions and unify them into a whole.

Every aspect is part of the whole. Every step depends on the one before it. Neglect one function and the whole does not work as well as it should.

Everything connects with everything else, nothing stands entirely alone. All things are related to one another in an inseparable and unified way.

Everything has a core, the core leads to everything else. The core is the purest structure within all structures. It is essence structure.

Everything has its corresponding expression on every level. The same thing exist in different forms from one level to the next.

Everything can be defined to the core. All things have their most simplified and concise state. Everything is unified and simplified.

The best structure is the structure that integrates and simplifies everything. It is the most ordered and clearest organization of things.

Nothing is complex, everything is simple. It all depends how it is organized. The complex is made simple through organization.

All organization is organization of mind. When something is better organized, there is more effectiveness and efficiency.

There are only two worlds, the world within and the world without. All things relate to one or the other. What relates to one relates to the other.

Something can be defined even better and better. Do not be stuck in a certain structure that keeps you from improving. Be formless, be changeable structure.

Everything is dual and everything is one.

True Oneness does not exclude duality but includes it. “Arrived, Arriving, Not Arrived” can all exist simultaneously. It is not about having “arrived”. It is about being everywhere at once.

Concepts create structure to help you define essence. What defines confines, what confines defines.

They are both good and bad. They are neither good nor bad.

You need to use the form to understand the formless and to use the formless to guide the form.

Just because you come to learn of a truth that is opposite of the first doesn’t mean you must exclude the first. Both can be used at different context of workability.

Sometimes by moving away from something, you are actually moving closer to it. By stepping out of form or structure, you get closer to the essence of truth. You move in one direction from one layer, but you’re moving in the reverse direction on the layer beneath it. Move away from a continent and you end up reaching it at the other side of the globe.

Extremes meet. All paradoxes can be reconciled. All truths are but half truths.

It is all about choosing the appropriate one to use for each situation.

In every rule, there are exceptions.

Complete perspective is complete understanding and truth. Every piece of the puzzle is important. Complete truth is the integration of all truth. Since God is All-That-Is, every place contains a piece of the puzzle.

You are never too far away from error. It’s only a few degrees away from the truth. You are never too far away from the truth either. It is only a few degrees back.

Inspiration has a holistic nature. Inspiration and creativity are one. Creativity is the ability to make connections, relate truths, combine ideas and integrate concepts into a single whole. Creativity combines existing forms to create new ones that are differentiated yet complete, or complete yet differentiated.

The most important part of the work is the integration. All the smaller parts have no purpose except in how they fit into the bigger picture. When one sees the bigger picture, one can go into the individual components and fine tune them appropriately.

The greater truth should be able to hold other truths within it. If not, it is not the greater truth.

Truth is that which can fit into everything else. How do you know what is true? Larger concepts of truth can hold smaller concepts of truth. Larger concepts of truth are always grander, more all encompassing, and can include smaller concepts of truth in a way that allows them to be. Transcend and include.

Always advance to the next level in your understanding of things. Be willing to refine your thinking and shift paradigms. Be formless, be changeable structure.

Mastery is combining it all (the sum total of your knowledge) and concentrating it.

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