Letting Go for Psychokinetic Influence to Happen

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Letting Go for Psychokinetic Influence to Happen

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

An aspect of telekinesis is that sometimes it cannot be created by wishing it to happen. You may try to bend a spoon by focusing on it, but nothing happens. An hour later, you return to look at the spoon, only to discover it has changed shape. The reason is because when you take your focus away from it, you are allowing reality to return to a state of fluidity, and your subconscious mind works on changing it while you are consciously focused elsewhere. This is letting go for Psychokinesis to happen.

Although psychokinetic influence might not always work on moving physical objects, the principle of letting go certainly applies to influencing physical events. The act of psychokinetically affecting your reality is called manifestation. By understanding how Psychokinesis works, you are able to know the mechanics of manifestation much better. Changing your reality with your intent is after all a mind thing. Studying how psychic phenomena works, plays a large part in your ability to manifest what you want.

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