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Powerful and Pure Vibration for Manifestation

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You can think all day long about getting motivated to do something you have been wanting or needing to do. However, the final spurt that gets you moving is an emotional charge; it’s an impulse. It may seem like a thought. But, there is always an accompanying feeling with that thought. Try it. And you will notice a sensation. Now, it may be very subtle, but it is there. It is very critical to your success with higher mind techniques because without feeling you’re operating on pure mental energy that has no push.

Imagine one day, you got very depressed as you were thinking about your life. You began to get angry! You began to feel emotion! You began to cry! You started feeling so much emotion that you had an outburst. You began expelling so much emotion that had been stored up in your body that it all came out at once. You shouted at the universe! You emoted a strong charge! You told the universe that you were done living this way; that your life was going to change! It had to change. This is it, and so it is.

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