Prayer is Ultimate Way to Solve All Problems

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Prayer is Ultimate Way to Solve All Problems

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Prayer is the way to solve all problems. You have heard it time and time again that whatever problems you face, take it to the Lord in prayer. Cast all your cares upon the Lord for he cares for you. Prayer is our relationship with the divine. The One that is above all is like a father and mother to all creation. The Source whom all things flow and the providence for all needs in the universe. We are all aspects of the Source and individuations of the One. Prayer is a means of communicating with our Higher Self of all.

Ask and it is given. You do not have because you do not ask. You ask and do not receive because you ask not in alignment with the intents of your Higher Self. No matter what you ask, your higher self will always answer according to its own intents. Every supposedly evil thing you ask of will only be granted if it’s part of your spiritual path of learning and enlightenment. If something you ask doesn’t ultimately serve you in the best way, it will not be given. Therefore don’t fear about asking for whatever you wish.

You can only ask for something good according to your level of awareness of divine will and intelligence. We gain awareness through revelation or learning from mistakes. No one is required to pray and ask perfectly. We all learn to pray better prayers as we develop in spiritual intelligence. The best way to learn is to keep praying. Each time we pray, we get feedback from the universe which allows us to know the effectiveness of our prayers as well as the will of the divine. God answers all prayers in perfection.

Deal with the inner world and the outer world will start to change. When you can’t seem to do much physically in the external world to change things, that’s the time to not do but to pray. When you pray, God works. Even if nothing seems to be happening, something is happening in ways that are unseen. Events are being arranged and when you least expect it, what you desire can be manifested in the right time and the right way. Stop trying to work on the outer world when you cannot, but go within and pray.

When you pray, you will feel as though your problems have been resolved somehow. It is the peace of God that passes all understanding. Prayer connects your spirit with the spirit of God. There’s subtle communication that takes place at the unconscious level of mind. Your spirit has received an answer and even though you may not know it consciously, it will be revealed to you in divine order and divine timing. Unresolved problems can cause us worry and anxiety. Resolve it through prayer and be at peace.

The first thing you need to believe is in the power of God. Enlisting the help of divinity is the whole basis of prayer. When you pray, you must be conscious of the power of God, otherwise you are speaking empty words to empty space. The secret of power is consciousness of power. One who prays with consciousness of God’s power, prays a powerful prayer indeed. The second thing you need to believe is that you have received what you pray for. What you ask is given but you can only receive it by your faith.

You also need to believe that nothing is impossible. You can pray for anything but you can only have the faith to receive what you believe is possible. You’re also only able to receive it in ways that you believe is possible. When you have a mindset that all things are possible, then you open yourself to unlimited possibilities by which what you pray for can be brought to pass for you. Your belief in what’s possible will also influence what you might ask. Believe in all possibility to ask and receive without limitation.

One final thing you need to believe is that even if nothing seems to be happening after you pray, God is still working things out for you. The primary and end all purpose of prayer is to be at rest. When your heart is at rest, that is when God is able to move in your world. But when you are restless in spirit because of worry and anxiety, God will be at rest instead. The pilot and autopilot cannot operate at the same time. Be still and know that God is God. Prayer sets God in motion and faith keeps him moving.

The best way to pray is to be inspired to pray. You do not have to pray all the time. You should pray when you have the urge to, because that’s the time when the divine is seeking expression through you in spiritual communion. When you pray at those times, that’s when it’s more natural and a flow. Forcing yourself to pray when you aren’t inspired to only makes prayer unenjoyable. Each time you pray when there is a need to be fulfilled and problem to be resolved is a chance to experience the grace of God.

You must pray fervently if you want to move things in the supernatural realm more powerfully. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person has great power. Prayer is intention. The intensity of intention determines the energy that is put forth into its manifestation. Think of your prayer as feeding energy to angelic entities that carry out the manifestation of your prayer. Some things only happen when one prays long and hard enough. There needs to be enough energy to break through all resisting oppositions.

Pray continually for continuous results. Pray unceasingly. Never give up on prayer when things don’t seem to be happening, because things do happen and takes time for more of the answer to start appearing in reality. Even when things are happening for you after you’ve prayed, continue to pray in order to generate more and better things. Remember that if you want to manifest the best every time, you have to keep intending for it. What you create through prayer should be sustained and improved by prayer.

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