Always Know that You are Divinely Taken Care of

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Always Know that You are Divinely Taken Care of

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

While waiting for your desires to manifest or for the path to unfold, you may ask the question what about the meantime? Well in the meantime, you are taken care of. Always know that you are being taken care of by the universe. Never are you left alone for one moment. Everything is happening according to divine order and divine timing. If you knew that God is always with you wherever you go, you would never be afraid but be fully confident and at peace.
All you have to do in the meantime is to focus on doing what you are divinely guided to do by your heart’s desires, while detaching yourself to the outcome. Live the present moment fully and the future will take care of itself. When you focus on the process, the outcome is guaranteed. Do what you are purposed to do and you will allow the universe to take care of everything else that it is meant to take care of. Set your intention and let God handle the rest.
Fear is a repelling force. Love is an attracting force. When you fear, you think that something may or may not happen the way you desire it to happen. Your emotion of fear repels away the very thing that you desire to happen, and keeps it from happening. When you love, you believe that the very thing you desire will happen or has already happened from the perspective of the divine. Your love for the thing you desire attracts it more and more into your experiences.
You can see everything that happens from a place of fear or awareness. You could have done everything you could in preparation for the fulfillment of an intention at an expected time, but then when the expected time comes, the results might be a total failure. Out of fear, you may thing that you could never really create what you want or you just can’t have it. But out of awareness, you know that it didn’t happen because it wasn’t the perfect time yet and the universe is working it out for your highest good.

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