Intention must be Backed by Belief to Succeed

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Intention must be Backed by Belief to Succeed

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Whenever you set an intention to manifest something, you must also believe in it in order to succeed. When you doubt whether the intention-manifestation process works or not, it won’t. Your lack of belief in it causes it to fail. The intention-manifestation process always works. When you set an intention but you doubt its power, you send forth a counter intention that negates your first intention. You are intending that your intention doesn’t work through your lack of belief. Faith is needed for intention to work.

All spiritual work operates by faith. Your faith is your mental attitude towards something. Doubt in one thing is faith in the opposite. When you doubt that whether intention really works, you believe that it doesn’t. Your belief that it doesn’t work makes it so. Being fully intentional gets you fullest results. You are fully intentional when you set an intention and believe totally in it. Believe in the power of intention. Put your faith in the process and you will be in greater alignment with the manifestation of your intent.

There are different levels of belief. The highest level is the universal level followed by the world level, the self level and the surface level. Changing a higher level belief affects all other levels of belief. When you try to change a lower level belief without the corresponding higher level belief to support it, then your attempt won’t work. The best way to create immense change is by working on your higher level beliefs. Gaining knowledge of how the universe works evolves your consciousness and everything else in life.

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