Prayer changes Reality with a Higher Power

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Prayer changes Reality with a Higher Power

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

When you pray, God works. There are more things done on the earth by prayer alone that people are unaware of. The more things you want to accomplish, the more you need to pray about them. When you pray, God send his angels to arrange circumstances so that everything happens to support you in the success of your endeavors. You will find many synchronicities that occur along the way which are humanly impossible to arrange.

The need for prayer is for the purpose of showing that you are in constant dependency on God in everything. When you make your requests to the divine, you are allowing him to personally act on your behalf to accomplish whatever you ask for. Prayer acknowledges that God is the power, not you, although it feels like you are the power when he acts through you. Prayer connects you to the personal aspect of God.

Prayer also negates the work of negative forces that try to oppose and hinder you. You cannot enter a strong man’s house and steal his goods unless you first bind him up. Prayer calls upon divine intervention to keep the negative forces in the physical and spiritual realm at bay, so that you can have the conducive setting for the work that you intend to do. There are many things that you are unaware of, but when you pray God takes care of those things so that you can concentrate peacefully.

What you can do with your own power, you should do. God won’t do what you can do. In areas where God has empowered you to act, you should act with your own power. But there are areas where you can’t control and don’t have the power to act in. What you cannot do, God will do for you. In those areas is where you need prayer. Prayer calls upon higher forces to handle things for you.

Although God is all powerful, he cannot go against freewill since it is his own law. God himself is his law. Consciousness cannot destroy itself. God can only intervene in areas that bypass freewill where there is lack of awareness or where he is requested to intervene by prayer. We need to express our will for God to act. Prayer is the expression of our will. When we pray, we are expressing our will for God to intervene.

Prayer calls upon God’s strength when we are in a state of weakness. When we have no power of our own to rise from a place of low vibration, we need to turn to another force within us that is greater than us. In weakness is when God can become your strength. In darkness is when Christ can become your light. There is just no way you can seem to affirm or visualize yourself out of a really emotionally heavy situation. Turning to God takes the need off for you to get up by your own power.

Cast all your cares upon the Lord for he cares for you. Negative forces seek to feed upon and devour the emotional energies of people with worry, cares and fears. They grow stronger in their influence over your reality when you keep releasing negative energies for them to make use of. When you tell the Lord about everything that is troubling you, the negative energies will be blocked from the negative forces by divine intervention because you have committed them to God.

Commit your ways to the Lord and he will bring it to pass. God is the overseer and ultimate controller behind everything. You can only create and influence your reality according to the amount of awareness you have and your ability to intend properly. Your reality creation powers are limited. God is unlimited. You can set intentions and visualize your desired reality, but commit it all to the Lord and trust in him and it will work out in the best possible way.

God’s will is perfect because he has perfect and total awareness. When you pray about something instead of just intending it, you are allowing your intention to manifest according to God’s perfect will. Turn everything over to the Lord all the time. When you rely on his wisdom and his power, you will get results that supercede your own wisdom and power. Prayer turns your will to God’s will.

You do not have to close your eyes and sit down in a quiet place to pray. You can communicate telepathically to God wherever you are and in anything you do. With your eyes open while walking, you can think your requests, thanksgiving, praises and cares to the Lord. Prayer can be no different from normal thinking. You can think and pray interchangeably all the time. This is how you can pray unceasingly. Walk and talk with God all the day long.

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