Going Higher Spiritually needs Greater Surrender

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Going Higher Spiritually needs Greater Surrender

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In the experience of spiritual evolution, you rise higher and higher as you gain greater knowledge and faith about your own spiritual power. You feel as though you can do anything, be anything and have anything you want. But then just when you think that you are complete like God, suddenly things come crashing down and you feel as though you are brought down to nothing once again. You wonder what is the meaning of it all and start to question the reality of your own powers and knowledge.
You may have experienced such a scenario time and time again in your life. It is a crisis of faith that makes you reconsider your belief in yourself and in God. That is the dark night of the soul or the valley of the shadow of death which you enter to discover a new light to a higher reality that you never saw before. You may have discovered that light and ascended out of the pit before, but then you lost sight of it later and that’s why you keep experiencing this scenario again and again.
The truth of the matter is to show you that you are nothing, and God is everything. We can never take the place of God in our lives no matter how much knowledge and reality creation abilities we have gained. As we ascend in our path of spiritual evolution, we feel that we have greater and greater control over every aspect of our lives. But then we find that we always rise until we hit a certain plateau and can’t seem to go further.
What is actually ahead of us that we are supposed to advance next, is the true journey into the highest level. We can’t make the advancement until we realize what it takes to enter into that journey. It is the journey of surrender. It is the moment when you are spiritually evolved enough and finally ready to make the transcendence into total oneness with God Almighty. It is to show you that you are totally dependent on God alone and not on anything else.
To ascend into the highest level requires you to give up all thoughts about your own greatness and supreme power. That may be a hard thing for some of us to do, because we have become so great and powerful, how can we think ourselves as nothing and powerless once again? That is the paradox of moving into the greatness of the almighty. The higher you go, the more you must surrender. The rules of the higher are different from the rules of the lower.
It is when you are made nothing that God can become everything in you. When you surrender yourself to God completely, God is able to use you fully. You become as a clay in the potters hands. God is able to shape you and mold you freely and perfectly into the exact form that he wants you to take. When you let go and let God, God can use you in anyway he pleases.
We are all here to do God’s work. Our purpose is to serve as angels of the Lord. Angels are messengers of God. To be a messenger is to convey what someone else wants to express. The better the messenger, the more authentic and powerful is the expression being conveyed from the original sender. The worse the messenger, the more corrupted and destructive is the expression because it is tarnished by the interference of the messenger.
God is able to use every single one of us to a certain extent, no matter how spiritually evolved we are. He is able to express himself through us in certain ways no matter how much is our degree of surrender. But in order for God to do his highest and greatest work in us, he has to bring us to a point of total surrender. The more we surrender, the more he is able to work through us. Choose God and let God choose everything else, then choose to follow the choices he makes.
Christ is the head of all principality and power. Let Christ be your head, and you will be the head of everything else. The more you surrender to the higher, the more you can rule the lower. When you surrender to God completely as the bearer of his light, that’s when you can truly rule the universe as a prince of power. When the feminine polarity of your soul is fully surrendered to the Christ polarity, your masculine polarity is able to have full dominion over the world. Become the feminine to the Christ and you will be the masculine over everything else.
Be an open vessel and God can move you in any direction he wants. Be an open channel and you can receive inspiration from God easily and effortlessly. When you are empty, God can fill you. It is the emptiness of Man that allows the infinite to work in him fully. God can create in you and work through you. You don’t need to have any plans but allow God to lead you however he pleases. When you no agenda, you will do things you never thought you would do. Go with an empty mind and an open heart.
You cannot truly move into the level of emptiness without first being brought to the level of fullness. You should not empty your cup before it is filled to its fullness. As long as it is isn’t fully filled, it cannot be fully emptied. Realize the fullness of who you are in Christ first before letting it all go and surrendering to God completely. Know that you are everything in God and then allow yourself to become nothing so that God can become everything in you.
Discover the level of power where you can do anything you want and you can do as you please. You will be able to accomplish things to a certain level. But then when you want to move on to the next level, you will have to surrender to God and let him do as he pleases. You will advance to the level of divinity. To function at the highest level, God has to be the one who works in you directly and accomplish all things through you. Let go of all control of everything and trust.
Once you are brought to the level of emptiness from fullness, then can you be filled to the level of fullness once again. You are never really empty because your fullness of God is always there. It is only in your experience of transcendence that you let go of who you are and allow your consciousness to rest on who God is. It is after descending into the lowest are you able to ascend into the highest. Because God is able to use you at all levels.
Trust in him completely. Have the Christ Confidence. He knows all that happens better than you. Just let go of all control and allow God to lead you. It is all for a purpose, and when you cannot trace, you must trust. This is not an illusion, but a reality, for time proves all things. He who waits for his time to come shall be rewarded, and good shall come to him. For God Himself shall be his Companion and Champion. Wait upon the Lord.

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