We Are Existing in This Realm for A Purpose

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We Are Existing in This Realm for A Purpose

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

We exist in this realm of three dimensional reality for a purpose. By entering, we have agreed to “forget” our “true nature” and to operate in the reality we are given for the purpose of “learning.” It does no real good to speak in terms of “cosmic oneness” and “we are, in our true natures, all-powerful beings,” because we don’t have access to those realities BY CHOICE. Those realities exist in dimensions above ours and we chose to enter into this dimension from our choice made at a higher plane but not here.

And the chain of circumstance, the chain of choices, it seems, must be followed in logical steps of access. We may be able to “accelerate” our progress, but apparently, it is “frowned on” to try to “skip” over the lessons. Very few there are who can meditate on “Cosmic Oneness” and POOF! Just hop back to 7th density and be done with the whole mess. And, in real terms, it may be that this is not what is wanted at a deep level. We are here for a purpose, and therefore it is not our higher will to end game.

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