Giving to God According to His Financial Plan

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Giving to God According to His Financial Plan

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

One of the most important areas of prosperity that people have not yet been extremely and precisely clear about, is in the subject of giving. If one is to become as rich as one possibly wants and hopes to be, one must get their idea right in the area of giving. Wrong ideas, half truths and misleading deviations from the path are what cause people to have trouble moving forwards in achieving greater prosperity and success in their lives. A lot is destroyed or failed to create because of lack of precise knowledge in this area. It is time to set things straight in every way in regard to the subject of giving to God for prosperity.

There may be different ways that you can give your money. You may choose to give the most to where you decide is best to give to. God would want you to do what’s best instead of what’s good or even great. It is not about which place you give to. It is all about promoting the gospel. You may choose to give your money to an organization that you trust to handle money well in doing God’s work. But if you have the capacity to best use that money to do God’s work yourself, you might as well do so. You will have more direct control and certainty over how the money is being used for good. It’s about being more efficient in the way one uses money.

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