True Enlightenment - Human Plane of Spirituality

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True Enlightenment - Human Plane of Spirituality

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Enlightenment is the ultimate goal of existence. Enlightenment is the state of being and living by which one can experience supreme freedom, absolute power and the highest happiness. But there are many paths to achieving the state of enlightenment. Not all paths are equally good. Each path may only get you to experience a certain level of enlightenment. The level of enlightenment that a person achieves may not be true enlightenment because there are higher levels than that. Only the highest is true.

The eastern philosophical way of attaining enlightenment by denying the ego and getting rid of desires is a form of enlightenment. But it is not the true enlightenment. They believe that in order to experience the true Self, one has to shed the false self by realizing there is no ego. They believe that an enlightened being is without ego and desire. What they have is only half the truth combined with untruth. Enlightenment is transcending the ego but that does not mean denying the ego. To transcend is to go beyond.

Enlightenment that comes from denying the ego and ridding oneself of desire is actually touching the mineral or vegetative plane of the spiritual dimension. They are not touching the human plane, which is a more true form of enlightenment. There are different planes of the spiritual dimension. An enlightened consciousness is one that transcends the physical plane. It is also a spiritual consciousness. You can become spiritual by transcending physicality, but that doesn’t mean you are fully enlightened.

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