Suggestion and Its Effect upon Everything you Do

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Suggestion and Its Effect upon Everything you Do

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The word suggestion is derived from the Latin “suggestus” which base word is “suggero” meaning “to carry under.” A suggestion is a thought, idea or impression that is carried under the attention of the conscious mind and into the inner consciousness of a person. Suggestion is mental influence which effect is “to creep in.” Suggestion usually operates as an authoritative statement, repeated as often as possible, without proof and avoiding argument.
When a suggestion is impressed into the subconscious mind, it results in the kind of emotion and action which the suggestion is designed to produce. Positive suggestions result in positive emotions and actions, whereas negative suggestions result in negative emotions and actions. That is why it is important to be aware of the kind of suggestions that you allow yourself to be impressed with, as well as the kind of suggestions you impress others with.
Too often is a child impressed with the idea that “Sheryl is too stupid for anything, she always does things without thinking.” Or “Mathew is such a bad boy, he always misbehaves and can’t seem to do the right thing.” Or “Angela is so shy, she is always afraid of strangers and keeps quiet in front of people.” The child grows to accept the suggestion authority and repetition and naturally acts along the lines of the suggestion. Any wonder why children become even more of what we say they are?

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