Freedom from Fate comes by Having Detachment

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Freedom from Fate comes by Having Detachment

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Fate is the life path you are already traveling upon and most likely to continue traveling on due to preceding causes and your preconditioned responses. It is according to the law of motion where an object will continue moving in a certain direction unless another force intervenes. There are two forces that perpetuate the motion of an object in a certain direction, and they are momentum and propulsion. Momentum is the force that is already within the object while propulsion is the force that keeps pushing at it.

Remember that you are always the first cause of everything that happens in your life. You can’t remove the momentum of your fate immediately, but you can remove the propulsion which is your preconditioned responses. Attachment is what creates your preconditioned responses. When you can detach, you can stop your preconditioned responses from directing your life path. Therefore detachment gives you freedom from fate. Enlightened ones transcend karma because they master the art of detachment.

Karma is the cycle of cause and effect. There are positive and negative karma cycles. Each cycle is self perpetuating according to the law of attraction. Negative energy attracts more negative energy while positive energy attracts more positive energy. Detachment allows you to focus on whatever you want rather than on the conditions that are already present in your life. Focusing on what is unseen in the visible world is faith. It is to create reality anew. Everything is created from the void where nothing exists.

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