Detach to Allow Manifestation of Desire Essence

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Detach to Allow Manifestation of Desire Essence

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Essence means the fundamental nature, the feeling, of something. When it comes to manifestation, essence means the resulting quality or feeling you expect to get from the manifestation of your desire. Everything in the universe is ultimately energy or vibration. You attract what you are vibrating towards. If you want to attract a certain thing to yourself, you have to vibrate or feel the emotion of the thing itself. You may have a certain form in mind, but you can still allow it to come in whatever form that’s optimal.

Essence is very important because the universe actually delivers more by essence, and less by form. Imagine that you desire to have a new car. Perhaps you are even very clear on the exact car you desire, and you know the model, color and other specifications about the car. That is the form. The essence is the feeling you expect to get from the car and the quality of life you expect. You may intend to get a new car because you want easy transport in order for you to experience convenience and ease.

You may also intend to get a new car because of the increase in self worth you can gain from it. Or you would like to experience the joy of being able to transport friends and family in it. Whatever your feelings are for getting a new car, those feelings are the essence of your desire. Everybody has a different essence they attach to form. The same car may imply different essences to various people. Successful manifestation comes by intending something from your true feelings and not other people’s feelings.

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