Suffering is Result of Evil and Never of Good

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Suffering is Result of Evil and Never of Good

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Suffering is the result of evil and never of good. It may appear that a person is suffering because of good, but when we look deeper, we will discover that the cause of pain is because of evil. A man may be honest in certain ways yet suffer lack. A man may be dishonest in certain ways yet acquire wealth. Judging by appearance, it seems that one man fails because of his particular honesty while the other prospers because of his particular dishonesty. But to judge righteous judgment is to look into essence.

A dishonest man is not totally corrupt and an honest man is not entirely virtuous. The dishonest man may have some virtues that result in his prosperity while the honest man may have some flaws that result in his poverty. The honest man reaps good results from his virtues but also brings upon himself suffering from his flaws. The dishonest man likewise creates his own suffering and happiness. Good and evil exist in every person. The measure of good and evil is the measure of pain and joy caused.

It is erroneous to think that one suffers because of one’s virtues. The great law which is just, cannot give good for evil or evil for good. Ignorance is the only evil, awareness is the only good. Ignorance is what causes people to suffer because of wrong thinking. Awareness enables people to think correctly and therefore eliminate suffering. The most important thing to be aware about is how the universe works. Our beliefs at the universal level govern our beliefs, feelings and actions in all other levels of our reality.

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