Focusing on Essence is More Important Than the Thing

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Focusing on Essence is More Important Than the Thing

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Stop chasing the thing you want and start experiencing the essence instead. The only way to shift from lack to fulfillment is to focus the one and only thing can actually give you what you really want. That is the essence of the thing itself. The essence is the emotion you actually feel when you have the thing. Focus on the emotion first and foremost. It is the emotion you feel that attracts the thing you want. You might want the thing to change how you feel. But you must change how you feel beforehand.

When you can feel the emotion you’ll have when you are in possession of the thing you want, then you will attract it to you. That is why in moments when people let go of their desire, they release the feeling of not having what they want, and then what they want starts showing up in their lives. The key to manifesting what you want is to do so without resistance. Our feelings of not having what we want are what create resistance. You have to detach from your mind the thing and focus on feeling right emotion.

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