Using Reason is The Way to have Complete Faith

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Using Reason is The Way to have Complete Faith

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Some have the idea that faith and reason are in conflict with each other. They think that if you have reason, you don’t need faith, and if you go by faith, you cannot go by reasoning. It is this paradox that has caused the biggest problems in all religion and spirituality. The truth is that faith and reason are one and the same. In order to have faith about something, you need to know it as true. You can’t know something as true unless you have a reason for it to be so. Faith is reason and reason is faith.

All truths are ideas. If you knew everything there is to know about an idea, you would no longer need to “have faith” in it. You just know it as reality. Faith is knowing. To know a thing is to be aware of it. It is all about awareness, the more you have it, the more faith you have. If you want to fully know something, you have to understand everything there is to understand about it. You have to be able to explain everything about it. The more reasons you discover, the more truth you realize.

The way to truth is the way of understanding. Understanding alone will solve all our problems. Understanding the problem dissolves the problem. Once we understand a problem, it is already solved. All that is left is to act out the solution. A problem is never without a solution, otherwise it would not be a problem. Therefore all problems have their corresponding solutions. Understanding is to key to resolving everything. To understand is to reason. You have to reason all the way to all truth.

Everything in the universe is consciousness. For something to be realized, it has to be perceived. Until we are able to perceive a thing, it is not real to us. It would be real to the one who perceives it. The more we are able to perceive, the more conscious we become. Consciousness is what we are, and the more we expand our consciousness with perception, the more we expand our being. The more our awareness increases, the greater our reality will be until it matches the reality of the whole.

Understanding brings life to those that have it. When you deal with things from a state of awareness, you become a cause because you act with freewill. When you deal with things from a state of ignorance, you become an effect because you act with unconscious choice. Awareness allows you to be calm and free to choose reality whereas ignorance causes you to be unstable and moved by impulses. He that deviates out of the way of understanding ends up in the congregation of the dead.

The subconscious mind does not differentiate between an imagined experience and a physically experienced one. To know something is to have an experience of it. The more you experience something whether physically or mentally, the more you know it in consciousness. You can always experience a thing from a place of awareness or a place of ignorance. Learning with awareness brings enjoyment and freedom whereas learning with ignorance brings pain and suffering.

The difference between learning with awareness and learning with ignorance depends on the intent. When you go through every experience with the intent to understand, you are resonating with awareness and your consciousness will be open to perceiving as much as you can about it. When you seek to understand, you can arrive at the right reasons, or else you would reason wrongly from lower consciousness and mishandle the situation because you are not seeing what is out of your perception.

Incline your ear unto understanding. Seek to know the reason of a thing. Seek to know all the reasons there are to know about it. Open your heart to be understanding so that you may receive the truth of a matter and not block it out of perception. You need understanding in order to do what is right. Understanding gives us strength because it makes us bigger than our situations. Knowing all the explanations and reasons of a thing allows you to see it in a scientific and definite way. Faith is having certainty. The more you know scientifically, the more certainty you have and the more faith you have. Evolution of science, knowledge and consciousness is evolution of faith.

When you know everything from a position of science, there are no more doubts. Because everything is understood through universal laws that never change. You know absolute reality to the fullest degree. In any situation where total understanding appears to be unattainable in a scientific way, it means the science is incomplete. Science is Knowledge. Faith is based on knowledge. Imperfect faith is because of imperfect knowledge. True science is perfect in reasoning and operates from a position of total perception. Total faith and total science are one and the same. It is awareness of truth.

Faith comes by hearing which means perception, and perception by the Word of God. The Word is Logos which means Reason. It is reason or awareness that directs your perception and determines your knowing. To know as much of the Word of God is to know as much reason as possible. All wisdom, understanding and knowledge is for you to be convinced about the truth because you are aware of all the reasons that define it. To have absolute faith is to be totally convinced about the truth.

Reason or logic is what runs the entire universe. You need as much reasons as possible to do good. Reason is what causes others to act and it determines how they act. It is the programming logic that runs the program. If you want to move yourself or others to take a certain action, give as much reason as possible whether logical or emotional, conscious or subtle to persuade, direct and motivate them. Reason can command an entire army to war or it can compel all nations to peace and harmony.

God himself has perfect reasoning and total understanding of all there is. When we are lacking awareness about something but are clearly guided by him in a certain area, that is when we should trust in God with all our heart and not lean towards our limited understanding. God’s reason is the higher reasoning compared to ours. But God still wants us to grow in awareness and understanding so that we may reach his level of reasoning and be of one mind with him.

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