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Transcend Duality for Complete Harmony in Life

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

It is not true that when the attention shifts, it means there is a lack of concentration. Consciousness lives, it is not dead. In all life, there is change. Unity is won by moving in a general direction. Concentration or unity of the mind is attained by continually bringing the attention back to the point. Keep bringing your focus back on your desired intent rather than being bothered when your attention shifts to what you do not desire. Fill your mind more actively with the thought you wish to meditate upon continually.

It is the intellect that most directly helps the mind to concentrate. The intellect contributes the form, the method and makes clear the principle or law. The more organized you mind is, the more effectively and efficiently you can focus. It is necessary to develop your intellect in order to use your will powerfully. Intellectual development gives you intuitive aptitude that enables you to understand how things work. When you understand how things work, you can have full control and mastery in using your powers.

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