Knowing Divine Power is Secret of Contentment

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Knowing Divine Power is Secret of Contentment

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

It is said that if you knew who it is that walks with you in every moment, you would never again have to be afraid. The only reason why we fear is because we think we are not being taken cared of. But the truth of the matter is, we are not alone in this universe. This does not mean that we are accompanied by other people so we’re not alone, but what it means is that wherever we go, God is always walking with us. The secret of contentment is knowing the divine power that is taking care of you in every moment.

The divine power is taking care of us because we are not existing as separate entities in the universe. We are not apart from the universe but we are a part of the universe. The universe is taking care of itself all the time, and therefore when we place ourselves in its care, we will never experience any lack. How do we place ourselves in its care? We do so by trusting in the directions that it gives to us and to act upon them in every moment. We are not living our own lives, it is the universe that is living through us.

The universe is one gigantic being and we are all parts of the same being. The universe is living and expressing itself through all parts of itself. We were created as part of the universal work that is in operation. Therefore the work that we came to do is not our own but the work of the universe. Everything we need to experience a life full of joy, fulfillment and abundance is present when we walk the path that the universe has for us. It is only when we walk our own path that we experience lack, frustration and fear.

We might think that we are doing our own thing when we try to walk a different path that the universe wants us to walk. But we are not really doing what our true selves wants to do. It is because the universe is not something outside of us telling us what to do. The universe is us! The universe is your true self. You are bigger than you may realize. In the larger scheme of things, you are just a portion of the bigger you which is the universe, and you are here to do what the total you has purposed for you to do.

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