Trusting God as you Continue to Act in Spirit

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Trusting God as you Continue to Act in Spirit

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

To be in-spired is to be in-spirit. We are all here to do the work of spirit or our higher selves which is the aspect of ourselves that is one with God. When we do work that is inspired, it is easy and effortless. When we connect with the movement and purpose of spirit, the things we do become a flow. It is only when we try to create apart from spirit that we feel stuck and experience a lot of friction. In order to do work that is inspired, we have to trust that God and the universe is taking care of everything else.
Sometimes when we seek to do only what our heart desires to do, we are afraid that we would fail because of all the other things that need to be taken cared of. We feel that we need to do those things as well, that we need to control everything that is related to the work in order to succeed. But yet many of those things are not what we really wish to do. We feel that if we do those things, then it will take us away from doing our main work. We end up giving less of our best gifts because we are diverted.
When you do something you are not inspired to do, you do not enjoy it and it makes you unhappy. When you are trying to do things or make things happen, you are not trusting God and the universe to take care of those things. The truth is that you do not have to do everything that relates to your work, because God has only called you to do your part which is the portion that you most enjoy doing. The rest is meant to be taken cared of by him through other people and other sources that he has created for.

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