Being Natural in Response towards Good and Evil

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Being Natural in Response towards Good and Evil

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The only Justice is the Law of Attraction, and also the Law of Agreement. The Universe is in perfect balance because all things are vibrations matching vibrations. What’s the Law of Agreement? All things that happen between conscious beings are based on agreement between themselves.

Karma is never created by an outside force. A person will only create negative karma if they think thoughts that create negative situations for themselves. If they think mostly thoughts that create situations that bring them what they want, they will not incur negative karma by themselves. But if in getting what he/she want, he/she does it in a way that does a lot of hurt to a lot of people, then it is only by the negative thoughts and vibrations incurred by other people towards him/her that will if successfully affect his/her vibration, mood and thought, then by principle of resonance, he/she will start attracting negative for himself/herself.

It’s the duty of those people that suffer to seek justice in order for the universe to operate fairly. And if those people that suffer fail to respond naturally, the unjust person will continue to enjoy nice fruit for selfish deeds. And those people abused are actually skirting responsibility by not seeking justice.

Hitler could only continue to do what he did because of the support or the non-caring of the world around him. But when they decided they had enough and decided to stand up towards the injustice he was creating, that was when they were able to create negative karma for him.

All you need to do is act naturally. It is natural to think negative thoughts and have negative feelings about others. Just allow your thoughts and feelings, and then leave it be. It is enough. Try neither to be good or bad. Try to be natural and appropriate but don’t dwell.

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