Influence Others by How You Project Yourself

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Influence Others by How You Project Yourself

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

People don’t see us as we are, they see what we project. What we see about others is also what they are projecting, therefore their projection is a mirror of our projection. By changing your projection, you change the reflection you get. Everything we experience in our reality is what we create. We tend to mistake projection with being, therefore we wonder why people are not reflecting our being. The truth is that our being also needs expression. Most people react primarily to your role and not your being.

The secret of pleasant and magnetic people is that they are acting their roles. Simply that, as much as you are acting yours right now. They just have a different script. We can all act a different role at will, and others will automatically react to our signals as much as we automatically react to theirs. We must learn to choose when to go with the flow and when to redirect it, depending on what level of vibration we are in. So that instead of merely reacting, we are choosing our responses and creating others’.

We are all formless beings that take on particular forms of expression. By choosing to be formless and able to change your form at will, you give yourself more choices in life. Why be attached to a particular form or forms of expression for yourself? Why not become more versatile to give yourself greater range of workability and power? People who advance very far in life have this key element of flexibility in their personality and behavioral projection. You can have more if you are able to be more unlimited.

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