Deliberately Shifting Your Vibrational Levels

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Deliberately Shifting Your Vibrational Levels

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Too often when you are doing the work of manifestation, you keep looking at the results of your thinking instead of feeling your way within your thoughts. It would be easy to lose your way. This is because whenever you are giving your attention primarily to the way things are, you are hindering the expansion of what-is. It is better for you to focus primarily on the way you feel while giving little attention to the manifestations as they are unfolding. Let go and allow the expansion of what-is to happen unhindered.

Holding powerful desires in the midst of great resistance is like running your car into trees. It doesn’t feel pleasant. Some try to correct the imbalance by slowing down the car. They deny their desire or give up upon it. With great effort, they are able to diminish the power of their desires to some degree. But the better way would be to reduce your level of resistance. It is not your desire that you should give up, but it is your resistance. You can still focus on the pure desire without worrying about the limitations.

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