Pulling Down Celestial Energies into Physicality

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Pulling Down Celestial Energies into Physicality

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Spiritual power has to be stepped down from a higher to a lower level in order to act in physical reality. One of the steps in manifestation ritual is the act of pulling down celestial energies into physicality. Universal energy is pulled from the ether and transformed into Chi or life force energy. Without this life force energy, manifestation will not occur. The difference in people’s ability to transform universal energy into life force energy results in their level of manifestation. Their energy ability depends on chakra.

To manifest energies, awareness and things into form in physicality, you must be very grounded. This means your chakras must be balanced and operational all the way down to your base chakra which is the manifestation chakra, and down to your Earth Star chakra below your feet. You must be able to bring down and in, these energies into you and through you into the 3D Matrix. Physicality is the Earth and therefore development of your lower chakras must not be neglected. They’re used for manifesting.

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