Increasing Energy Speeds Up What You Manifest

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Increasing Energy Speeds Up What You Manifest

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

When you understand everything in life from the perspective of energy, you can know why results can manifest in different amounts and at differing speeds. Not everything happens the same way for different people. The amount and speed of manifestation depends on the dynamics of energy involved. The more energy is channeled into a goal the faster and greater will be the results. Big achievements made in short amount of time are the result of massive energy being used during a concentrated period of time.

Our thoughts create reality but not every thought of ours manifest with equal intensity. Strong thought forms and fleeting through forms have corresponding manifestations in reality. Idle thoughts have no sustenance in the effect that we experience. When you want to experience certain desires more tangibly and permanently, you must focus your thoughts into experiencing them as part of your life. The more you breathe, dream and live your ideals, the faster and more powerfully they’ll show up in your universe.

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