Gravity is Mind Attracting Mind

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Gravity is Mind Attracting Mind

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Gravity is the result of energy attracting energy. All matter is energy. Energy is consciousness. All consciousness seeks to unite and become one.
The oneness nature of the universe is what causes everything to be held together as a single whole.
A body of mass seeks to join a greater body of mass. The largest body of mass will have the highest attracting force. Everything gravitates to something bigger than itself.
The greater body of mass is not greater is size but in amount. One body of mass would have more attracting power than another of equal size if it has greater density.
All energy is consciousness and consciousness is mind. To understand the attractive force of consciousness is to understand gravity. Gravity is mind attracting mind.
A person with a stronger mind and more powerful thought waves will attract other minds to his own. Other people will gravitate towards his ideas and follow his thoughts.
Gravity is the Law of Attraction at work in all dimensions of reality. Energy of the same vibration attract other. Energy of different vibrations repel each other. The more similar in vibration, the more they attract. The more different in vibration, the further they repel.

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