Intelligence and Alignment are Most Important Things

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Intelligence and Alignment are Most Important Things

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There is a precedence of intelligence or conscious intelligence. Before there is a desire to know, there must be a desire to be. When there is a lack of desire to be, there is no motion. God is pure sexual energy in motion. When there is motion, there is thought and creativity. There is intelligence in everything, but one would seek to be more conscious when one is sexually fulfilled otherwise one would return to the lower levels of unconscious intelligence instead.

There are seven chakras and the energy that flows through them is sexual energy. Intelligence or conscious intelligence is at the sixth chakra. The more the other chakras are functioning well, the more the sixth chakra can function.

Well being is the basis of all intelligent work. The highest love is Self Love. Without self love, all other love is false because what love can one truly give when one does not have self love? One must be sexually fulfilled with self, or feel good with self. The seventh chakra is the chakra of Spirit which is the Pure Joy of Being. This is the preeminent factor of being before there can be conscious creation and inspired motion of thought. Self pleasure and intelligence are alpha and omega.

Alignment and intelligence are the two polarities of the power of creation. You can only have as much alignment as you have intelligence. But your intelligence can only function as well as the amount of wellbeing or alignment you have with Source. Another version of these polarities is love and wisdom. Alignment comes before active intelligence just like Yin comes before Yang as Inner precedes outer. In the beginning there is existence, Being or Self. That Being must be in a state of Wellbeing.

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