Being Untouchable with Pure and Total Detachment

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Being Untouchable with Pure and Total Detachment

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Transcendent living is a state of pure and total detachment. It is the state of having nothing to lose and not being attached to results or outcome of the situation. When you take action using intention with detachment, that’s when what¬†you’ll always produce¬†the successful result or outcome. That is because, the outcome of the universal flow in you will always be the right one. Enlightened awareness is seeing the world as an illusion, therefore you are free to engage the drama while being free from all entrapments.

In the state of being detached, you trust that whatever natural responses that arise will be enough. All the learning and training that takes place prior has to be forgotten or released from conscious thought, so that the right moves or actions will manifest through you spontaneously. When you allow yourself to temporarily forget or not think of all the methods you learned or trained, they will be dissolved into your subconscious and brought forth naturally in the right way. That’s operating from the state of no-mind.

In the state of detachment, insight arises. That is natural thinking, the thoughts that come from omniscience. In the state of detachment, non-acting action arises. That is natural action, the actions that come from omnipotence. The universe knows all things and is able to do all things. Detachment allows you to escape the world of limitation and tap into the universal flow, where the answer to your question and the action for your success exist. Attachment confines your options but detachment frees you fully.

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