Affirm the Realization of Goals in the Present

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Affirm the Realization of Goals in the Present

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The only time that exists in the universe is now. Affirm the realization of your goals in the present. No matter what you intend to create next in your life, affirm it with an “I Am” statement. If you wish to double your income, do not think or say “I will double my income” or “I want to double my income.” Instead think, say and write “I am making twice my previous income now.” Do the same for everything else that you wish to create. Affirm with the “I Am” and “Now.” Create from the Self and in the present moment.

In the mental world, time and space does not exist in the physical way. Whatever you think of manifests instantly. If you think that something is going to manifest, then you will forever be in the state of it going to manifest. In the mental world, things are not separate from each other. Everything is a dream which is a projection of your own consciousness. It is all YOU. Hence “I Am” and “Now.” When you create from your Self and in the present moment, you’ll be most energetically aligned with your desires.

Target dates for goals are best set to the eternal moment of Now. Even if you are setting up a goal that you would like fulfilled 10 years from today, state it and think of it in present tense. Setting a date in the future introduces a state of wanting and waiting. Wanting prevents achievement. Target dates also interfere with the natural manifesting rate of the universe. When you think “by next the end of next year I will be a millionaire”, how do you know that you could not have become one by the end of next month?

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